TCPC encourages it’s member to have fun, learn, and share your photos.

The following categories are public view albums

  • Monthly Theme – Each monthly meeting you may share three (3) photos for our monthly theme.
  • Past Contest – We also have a members only monthly photo contest, past contests are shown here
  • Field Trips – We also go on group field trips and you may share photos from these field trips.

Members only view

  • Members Gallery – As a paid member of TCPCinc you will have your own album that you can upload/edit and delete photos as you like (photo size restriction do apply)
  • Monthly Windows Photo Contest – Members only photo contest, sponsored by Jiffy Photo – Submit 1 photo, 2 x 3 aspect ratio (10×15 is the print size for the winner), without watermark in high resolution (display on’s website will be resized). Hi-res photo is needed for winners print to be framed and printed by our photo contest sponsor
    • Submit contest photo to with file named in the format FirstName_LastName_ContestMonth (ie John_Doe_July)


If you’ve attended a recent field trip and would like to share some of your photos please send them to with file named in the format FirstName_LastName_Fieldtrip (ie John_Doe_ButterflyWorld)

The Monthly photo contest is open to all members.

Please review the entries and vote for your top three favorites, in order of preference.

You will be voting by image number, so write down your selections. To vote for your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices.

The voting is weighted, so when the votes are tallied, your 1st choice will receive 3 points, 2nd choice 2 points, and 3rd choice 1 point. You may only cast your votes one time.

Note: In addition to the monthly winner receiving a print from Jiffy Photo, the board has authorized the end of year contest winner to receive $100.00 – selected from the 11 monthly (Jan – Nov) winners. The vote for “Photo of the Year” will be conducted at the December meeting.

This is a photo contest open to TCPC members only and only members may vote. For impartiality please only vote once.